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We’re Changing: Greater Things Are Coming

19 Sep, 2018

We’re Changing: Greater Things Are Coming


We're moving. Not a long way, but a few hundred metres to the park, gardens and woodland that surround the two Hawarden Castles.

Events will take place in the park, gardens and in the main drawing room of the New Castle and in the ruins of the Old Castle as well on the cricket pitch, in and around the lake and inside our 1920s cricket pavilion. This will make TGLE one of Britain’s most beautiful and intimate festivals while retaining our unique mix of talks, craft, food, music and outdoor activities.

To achieve this, we're limiting ticket numbers in 2019. And we’ve already sold a third of the available allocation. So, don't delay! 

So many of you have told us not to grow too big. And we agree. So TGLE 2019 will be smaller, more focused and more intimate. There's still going to be a massive range of talks, music, activity and fun for all ages. But we’ll be selling fewer tickets in order to make everything more engaging for our guests.

You can come for two or three nights of Good Life Experience. Or you can just come for the day and night on Saturday.

New to 2019 will be Thursday night and Friday daytime. We're calling it The Good Life Experiment, and only a few hundred tickets will be available. We hope you'll join us for the ride.

Things will kick off with various feasts that will be open to all (they will be ticketed), followed by an opening night party with music chosen by Cerys. Friday will offer a series of small talks, tiny workshops, outdoor activity and magical music.

Tickets for The Good Life Experience 2019 (12-15 September) are available now.

All imagery by the exceptional Department Two.

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