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23 Aug, 2017



Our friends at Love Nature, the 'Netflix for Nature Lovers' will be hosting the Love Nature cinema tent all weekend, screening their most awe inspiring and exclusive nature documentaries, and they'll be bringing the filmmakers in to to answer your questions after the documentary screenings. Oh, and there'll be a bar and popcorn of course!


Friday 3.00 - 4.00pm: Undiscovered Vistas, Wild Wales + Q&A with Producer Dan Hughes (UK PREMIERE)
Undiscovered Vistas reveals one of the most beautiful places in the world - Wales. Along the west coast of Great Britain, the world’s longest uninterrupted footpath forges through more than 800 miles of breathtaking scenery. From the serene golden beaches of Rossili bay to the towering mountains of Snowdonia the diverse landscape of the Welsh coast is a geological treasure. Wind and waves carve, shape and chisel this majestic coast. Coves eroded by the power of the ocean shelter colonies of seals, rolling hills and valleys are manicured by sheep, and nearby islands house thousands of shorebirds. The wild coast of Wales teems with life, reveals geological mysteries and chronicles centuries of human history.

Friday 4.30 - 5.30pm: Rangers on the Frontline + Q&A with Producer Dan Hughes & WWF Wildlife Crime Expert, Ed Partridge
The thrilling and exploratory documentary, gives a fascinating glimpse into the day to day lives of Cambodia's Wildlife Crime Rangers. Showcasing their training rituals and forest patrols while capturing the unrivalled expertise, passion and commitment shown by these local men and women who put their lives on the line every day to help protect Asia's last great wilderness. Working in harsh conditions, often with inadequate equipment and limited training, wildlife rangers provide the first line of defence against poachers, illegal loggers and organised criminals. It often involves life threatening situations. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to get behind the scenes of the Wildlife Crime Rangers and their specialist anti-poacher training which Love Nature funded and WWF organised, in the Mondulkiri province of Cambodia.


Friday 5.45 - 6.45pm: Tales from Zambia: Africa's Eden (UK PREMIERE)
In Southern Africa, Zambia is home to three very special and different African Edens. The low, hot Luangwa River Valley, the high, dry Liuwa Plain and the cool, wet Kasanka National Park. The Laungwa valley in itself has extreme periods of drought along with monsoon downpours. With its dramatic changing seasons this is the place for some of the most incredible and diverse wildlife on earth.

Saturday 10am - 10.45am: Repeat of Rangers on the Frontline

Saturday 11am - 12pm: Guardians of the Wild: The Big Move  (UK PREMIERE)
The Lilayi Elephant Nursery near Lusaka in Zambia is home to four orphan elephants. The two oldest, four-year-olds Musolole and Zambezi, have been here since they were just a few months old.  Musolole’s family was killed by poachers, and Zambezi was found abandoned and alone.  Traumatised and confused, the two little ones have been cared for and hand-fed ever since by a remarkable team of foster parents, lead by British biologist Rachel Murton. But now, these boisterous babies are out-growing the nursery and it’s time to move to big school. Two hundred miles away, in the heart of Kafue National Park, lies elephant heaven - Camp Phoenix, the project’s release facility, where older orphans are already adapting to life in the wild. Against all odds these little elephants have been given a second chance in life, and are on their way to being reintroduced to the wild.  Their future is bright. 

Saturday 3.30pm - 4.30pm: Shark Squad: Guadalupe - Island of the White Sharks + Q&A with Producer Dan Hughes (UK PREMIERE)
The great white shark is one of the ocean’s most iconic and feared creatures. Yet little is known about its behaviour. In the waters off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, white sharks exhibit an unusual hunting strategy: striking prey in deep water rather than at the surface, as is typical. Leading shark ecologist Mauricio Hoyos is one of the few people to have witnessed evidence of this spectacular predation. He’s on Guadalupe to lead a research team to study great white shark hunting techniques. In a television first, Mauricio will attempt to attach a 4K camera to the dorsal fin of a great white, allowing us to see what the shark sees as it swims, hunts and ultimately strikes its prey - even if it means getting too close for comfort!

Saturday 5.30pm - 6.30pm: The Big Dry: The Coming of the Rains 
Don't miss the third episode from Love Nature's three-part series that charts the dry season in the Luangwa Valley - one of the most dramatic in Africa. As temperatures soar lagoons and waterholes dry to dust and animals from all over the Valley are drawn to the only source of water left, but even this last bit of sustenance starts to run low for the animals living in the valley during The Big Dry... From a high profile production team including Andrew Jackson (Frozen Planet, Africa), Head of Wildlife Martha Holmes (Blue Planet, Manhunters, Life) and Series Editor James Smith (Tribe, Amazon with Bruce Parry) and an original music score composed by Hans Zimmer.

Sunday 9.45am - 10.45am: Shark Squad: Bahamas Sharklab + Q&A with Producer Dan Hughes (UK PREMIERE)
Sharks are in trouble globally, yet they abound in the Bahamas, where commercial shark fishing is banned. On a remote strand of this blue-water archipelago, researchers at the renowned Bimini Sharklab dive deep and brave danger to unlock secret shark behaviours - and ultimately ensure that these supreme predators are conserved for generations to come.

Sunday 11am - 12pm: Guardians of the Wild: Operation Rhino  (UK PREMIERE)
Across Africa 97% of black rhinos have been killed for their horns. In 1997 the species was declared officially extinct in Zambia. But now, thanks to an ambitious reintroduction plan, they’re back. In 2003 a small number were translocated from South Africa – a pioneering population on whose shoulders rests the future of rhinos in Zambia. Poaching hasn’t gone away – their horns are still prized in Asian medicine.  But a small, dedicated team are fighting to keep them safe.  This is the frontline of conservation – it doesn’t get any tougher. 

Sunday 4pm - 5pm: Tales from Zambia: Wild Heavyweights (UK PREMIERE)

In the Luangwa Valley, Zambia, some of the largest animals on earth live side by side. Africa’s mega fauna - the heavyweights - Elephant, giraffe, buffalo, hippo and nile crocodile. These giants can all weigh over one ton, but while being this big has can its benefits, even the simplest things in life can become a challenge. From a giraffe lowering its head to take a drink and a herd of buffalo to finding enough food to eat, to an elephant trying just trying to stay cool. These heavyweights have had to develop incredible adaptions and to survive every day life… and now, at the height of the dry season, each day becomes harder than the next.  

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