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26 Apr, 2017



1. The Good Life Chorale: a Huge Festival Choir

We’re welcoming everyone who fancies singing in harmony to get together this year to form a choir of epic proportion, under the tutelage of legendary musical directors Sills and Stitch (more on them below). Rehearsals -not too taxing, all-comers welcome- will take place on site in the Freedom Ale House (a spit and sawdust venue new to the festival this year), culminating in a performance on Sunday.

2. The Ale House Wailers

This is a call out to the more elusive of the hollering species; singing lads and dads. A smaller, more fisherman/ shanty affair, again in the safe hands of Sills and Stitch, when the odd jar of (medicinal) ale is optional.
PS Despite specific call out to lads and dads, anyone with attitude is welcome. (Egalité!!, from Cerys) 

James Sills and Dominic Stichbury -Sills and Stich- are experienced and dynamic vocal leaders who are passionate about getting all people singing. They have led open-access choirs at festivals, workplaces, schools, pubs and football stadiums with an emphasis on fun and inclusivity.As members of the National Voice Network, they are in-demand as workshop leaders across the UK, teaching their own arrangements of traditional and contemporary material. They are members of the Australian all-male a cappella troupe The Spooky Men’s Chorale and their British off-shoot, A Fistful of Spookies, with whom they have performed at major European festivals and live sessions for BBC Radio 2 & 3. 

Sills and Stich will run workshops in the Freedom Ale House on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival around our baby grand piano, rehearsing songs which will later be performed to a festival audience. There will also be a Sunday afternoon sing-along and look out for pop-up sing-alongs around the site. The choir is open to all ages and abilities and we encourage everyone to get involved, and if you have any choir song suggestions, post them to our facebook page here.


James lives in hills of North Wales, is the musical director of two large community choirs and is a member of The Rough Island Band, a contemporary folk quartet based in the Isles of Scilly.  

Dominic is based in London, is the founder of the alternative men’s chorus, Chaps Choir, and sings with the London Vocal Project. 

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