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Jen + Sim Benson Wild Runners

11 Dec, 2015

Jen + Sim Benson Wild Runners


Dedicated wild runners Jen and Sim Benson have been running together for many years, travelling the country for races and adventures. Having struggled to find inspiring guides for fantastic running routes around the country, they have written 'Wild Running', the first UK guidebook for those who love to run and who dream of exploring Britain's spectacular mountains, forests and coastal trails and the ultimate guide for those looking to break free from the gym and the streets. 

Jen is a runner, writer and sports clinician whose research focuses on many aspects of long distance running, and Sim is a runner, mountaineer and environmentalist. Between them they have competed in over 50 marathons and ultra marathons, variuos adventure races, ironman competitions and triathalons. They were lucky enough to be able to spend 18 months with family in the Peak District -one of their favourite places to run- researching and writing their book.  Sim worked as a firefighter and Jen looked after their daughter, frantically writing whenever she had the chance. They then went on an amazing road trip, swapping their sensible family car for a pickup truck and packing their lives into the back of it before setting off to visit their shortlist of routes.  Their journey to write the book has been exciting, challenging and rewarding, just like a great run should be.  

At The Good Life Experience Jen and Sim will be leading four runs of 20 people each over the course of the weekend, with a 3km and a 5km run each morning. What better way to start the day whilst your friends are still snoozing in their tents?

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