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The Good Life Experience


13 Apr, 2017



The Mindful Kitchen says, go ahead, play with your food! Founder Heather Thomas has developed a process that blends mindfulness and cookery to connect you to nature, with every bite. After all, every morsel you eat has been created by a magical collaboration of people, plants, animals, water, wind, soil and the tiniest of microrganisms. At Heather's Good Life Experience talk you'll learn how to develop a greater awareness of what you see on your plate, and a connection to what you can't. You'll learn how changing your behaviour with food can benefit not just your physical, but also your mental wellbeing.  And, we'll explain why changing how you eat is arguably the most important thing you can do about climate change. Expect 45 minutes of ah-ha moments combined with a sampling of our full sensory aphrodisiac tasting.

Heather grew up in a small New York State town where she passed the farms that produced her food on her way to school in the morning.  By osmosis, she understood that she was dependent on the land and was a card carrying environmentalist from her earliest days.  When she went off to univeristy in Boston, she discovered that not everyone saw the world in the same way. That perplexed her and she vowed to do something about it...someday. Initially her career brought her to London where she spent more than a decade working in the arts (Tate and the Royal Academy of Arts) and charity sectors ( Yet, that voice inside of her head that kept saying do something about food culture and climate change kept getting louder.  In 2014, she packed up and moved to Denmark to put herself in the centre of the Nordic Food Movement, earn her MBA at Copenhagen Business School, complete a thesis of the business of food waste and start-up her own sustainable foodie business.  She is the founder of The Mindful Kitchen, a social enterprise that's developed a techinque to blend mindfulness and food to teach people how to connect to nature and limit the impact of climate change.  She also works as a freelance consultant at The Eden Project and Sustain, the UK alliance for better food and farming. In 2017, she trained in climate change communications with Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project and is a certified Climate Reality Leader. She splits her time between Copenhagen and London.

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