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The Good Life Experience


23 Nov, 2017



Sensitivity is messy. It is inconvenient. We think of it as a weakness, yet 20% of the population are 'highly sensitive'. If you are not highly sensitive, you definitely know someone who is.

At The Good Life Experience in 2018 Hannah Jane Walker will ask if sensitivity has helped us evolve, has had a purpose historically, why only now we see it as redundant. In a time of political and social division, Hannah brings a community of people together to ask if we can use our sensitivity better, if we can change the story, if it could in fact be our greatest strength.

Hannah Jane Walker is a theatre maker and poet. She makes interdisciplinary work that engages people who feel theatre and literature are not for them. She makes work that asks big naive sounding questions. She makes work that creates real-life human encounters in a room, that connect her to the audience and the audience to one another, by weaving stories and poems and humour and emotion.

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