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Your 2018 Food Vendors

01 Aug, 2018

Your 2018 Food Vendors


When we launched the festival in 2014, we wanted to throw a party celebrating everything that goes in to making life good. Food is -of course- a huge part of this. We've pulled out all the stops to make this year our best yet for foodies, so we're thrilled to introduce our 2018 food vendors to you... now then, what to eat first?


Love for all things Italian and fresh ingredients, combined with the passion for helping people to celebrate - lead to the creation of Fire & Dough. All of their pizzas are made from scratch using traditional, Italian ingredients and wood-fired from a beautifully restored vintage horsebox. 


Open Sesame bring exciting Persian inspired food to the street. Using an old family recipe in a secret spice blend (handed down from Persian royalty no less) they use sustainable, local, organic ingredients and welfare friendly meat that fuses together beautifully and set the senses alight.


Freshly made from scratch in front of you, with organic flour and completely vegan ingredients (excluding the dreamy Belgian chocolate dip), these churros are the perfect mix between traditional Spanish heritage and the British sweet tooth.


Vegan Indian food with an edge.


CLAW started life back in 2015 with the belief that crab and other British seafood is undervalued and we want more people to realise that it is fresh, healthy, high in protein and most importantly delicious! Sustainability is at the heart of their business. They aim to source as much produce from the UK as possible and try to keep the menu up to date with the seasons.


The fundamental focus of Toastie Toastie is creating the best possible product, which can only be achieved using the highest quality, local ingredients. The freshness of their products is very important – each toastie is grilled to order in front of the customer, creating a buzzy atmosphere with great theatrics. If it’s the crack of dawn, or the last thing at night, entertaining customers is at the heart of what they do, keeping them upbeat and happy.


Woody's is simple, to make great pizza you have to use the best quality ingredients, make everything by hand, bake in a wood-fired oven and serve immediately. Nothing pre-prepared, bought in or added, its 100% real food lovingly made with as much locally sourced, organic and foraged ingredients as possible.



South Indian Streetfood and home-style cooking, freshly cooked from scratch.


Coffee Roasters & Espresso Specialists.


The Grazing Shed team decided to develop the concept around rapidly served gourmet hamburgers, because, it seems, just about everyone has some kind of emotional attachment to The Burger! All of their Super Tidy Burgers are made to order right in front of your eyes. In addition, their pioneering production methods allow them to produce each burger in a fraction of the time you would typically expect for such quality products, giving you an altogether new and innovative rapid dining experience!


Their key ingredient is fresh, healthy, whole sheep’s milk which they have been using for over 30 years. Sheep’s milk is exceptionally high in solids –heading towards single cream - which means, uniquely, that they make our ice-cream using just the full-fat milk. The result is proper smooth, creamy dairy ice cream, but with half the fat.


Their mission is simple…. to take the humble bacon butty to dizzy new heights… A bacon butty like no other…each individual part, lovingly created by them …from their lightly toasted milk bun, to the bacon butter, their signature mushroom ketchup and ol’ fashioned middle bacon, sourced from the happiest and healthiest fat piggies the country has to offer! Don’t forget to add a fried duck egg, served as runny as you like!


Great Glen specialise in producing charcuterie using only wild Scottish venison. All of their products are produced by hand and air dried becausethey're passionate about preserving as much of the unique and unrivalled flavour of wild venison as they possibly can. 


Calon Wen is a group of 18 organic family farms across Wales. They believe in keeping things simple so their cows graze clover rich pastures and when they are ready they milk them themselves.

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