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DJ78 Returns in 2018!

18 Jul, 2018

DJ78 Returns in 2018!


We're excited to announce the return of a TGLE stalwart, and our friend, DJ78!

Using a pair of 1930s HMV wind-up gramophones, specially adapted electric turntables, and a staggering collection of vintage shellac records, DJ78 provides a unique musical entertainment far removed from the modern DJ scene.

Looking dapper in his vintage suits, DJ78's mission is to introduce the modern world to the scratchy sounds of yesteryear and remind them of the excitement which these discs brought to previous generations.

The records are sourced from his extensive archive of 78rpm platters, covering every genre from ragtime, jazz, swing, crooners, the golden age of dance bands, right through to hillbilly, Rhythm & Blues and the early pioneers of Rock'n'Roll.

The search for more music is a constant part of everyday life for him as the elusive and horribly fragile recordings become more and more difficult to find.

Throughout Great Britain & Europe, DJ78 delights audiences of all ages with his eclectic pre-vinyl playlist of tunes from more than sixty years of popular music.

He joins our wonderful music line-up for the fourth year running, so pioneer Good Lifers will know what to expect!


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