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16 Jun, 2017



Food Lovers With Attitude

Set up in 2005, Rude Health is a privately owned, family run company. The team is led by co-founding couple Nick and Camilla Barnard, who are on a mission to revolutionise the world’s eating habits. To be in rude health is to be up for life and bursting with energy. You’re in rude health when… you take the stairs, though you work on the 19th floor.

Why Rude Health is Different

At Rude Health they go the extra mile. Take their Ultimate Muesli, packed with 23 ingredients – just because. Whether it’s with dairy free drinks, cereals or snacks Rude Health put the extra into the ordinary to make extraordinarily tasty foods.

Pursuing innovation, and avoiding fads has been the key to growing a portfolio of 58 foods and drinks. With a range this size they've got you covered whatever your tastes, be it for organic foods, sprouted, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, vegan or simply packed with ancient grains.

At The Good Life Experience Rude Health will be fuelling your adventure with their Rude Health porridge, dairy-free drinks, snacks and more. You’re in rude health when…you eat right and stay brilliant. You cook up a 3 course meal on a camp fire. You skinny dip when you’re not skinny. What are you waiting for? Seriously. 

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A weekend of discovery + adventure, music, food, books + the great outdoors