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05 Nov, 2017



We are so excited that we have the amazing Axe & Paddle Bushcraft back for 2018! 

Axe & Paddle Bushcraft was founded by Steven Le Say who practices and teaches traditional green woodworking crafts and bushcraft skills through outdoor courses. Having worked as a jeweler for many years, Steven drastically changed direction in 2005 to pursue his love of The Great Outdoors and became a gardener and tree surgeon, eventually founding Axe & Paddle Bushcraft in early 2012. He has been practicing and teaching traditional crafts as a hobby for as long as he can remember, so beginning Axe & Paddle was a natural progression. Steven is passionate about passing on these skills to as many people as possible, and at The Good Life he and his team will be teaching three workshops; flint and steel fire lighting, bow drill fire lighting and natural fibre cord making. And there will be bow making too. We hope you will join the adventure!

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