We’re delighted to announce that The Good Life Experience will be working with PechaKucha Night Manchester to host a PechaKucha Night over the weekend, tackling the theme of 'Ideas to Change the World'. We'll hear talks about the future of work, universal basic income, alleviating food waste, crowdfunded microfinanacing, tackling homelessness and the power of building local communities.

But what is PechaKucha? Simply put, it's a presentation format where each speaker shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the speaker talks along to the images, without stopping!

The format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in 2003 as a response to their fellow architects talking too much! Since then, PechaKucha Nights have taken the world by storm, expanding now to over 1,100 cities.

PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings designed to bring creative people together to share their ideas, works and thoughts, using the 20x20 format. We're excited to be partnering with PechaKucha Night Manchester to bring a flavour of their events to The Good Life Experience!

So, who will be speaking?


Patrick Hurley - Universal Basic Income can change the world

A brief history of Universal Basic Income and a few ways in which it could revolutionise the way we live our lives.

Patrick Hurley is the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Economy Liverpool. Patrick is an experienced business development professional with a demonstrated history of working at a senior level in startup advice and local government administration. Patrick is a Co-Founder and Director of Ethos Magazine.


Vimla Appadoo - The Future of Working

As a Service Designer at Digital Bridge, Vimla is bringing her passion for Service Design and user-centred services to the forefront of tech innovation. At 21, Vim co-founded Experience Matters consultancy, winning the NHS CCG as her first client. Since, Vim has also founded Northern Collective: Women in Public Spaces, co-founded SheSaysMCR, managed DrinkaboutMCR and managed Manchester Social Entrepreneurs. She has been an advisor to the Youth Charter, the Big Youth Group and is a Regional Ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust.


Architecture Unknown, Charlie Butterwick & Dan Kelso

The positive intersection of communities, design and construction as exemplified by the Scout Hut WikiHouse project.

At Architecture Unknown we believe design and construction should be an inclusive dialogue, one where bricks and mortar enclose more than just space. Our process targets the social impact of buildings and enables communities to construct shared understandings of place to which we apply our expertise, allowing our clients to invest in design and their own skills. We utilise the WikiHouse structural system to promote a completely collaborative construction environment that protects the planet and the people who live there with the ultimate aim of upturning architectural hierarchies to create meaningful and just communities.


Owen Proctor-Jackson - What is SOUP? Its history and the current state of play for SOUPs in the UK.

Owen works in King's College, London's libraries, but in his spare time bumbles around volunteering for things he hopes will make the world a bit better. Currently, one of his main focuses in this regard has been SOUP, a grassroots community crowdfunding initiative that funds local projects through direct democracy, while also fostering local networks and engaging residents with their community. Having recently worked to establish a network of UK SOUP organisers, and shamelessly stealing their best ideas, Owen hopes to help bring SOUP to more communities across the UK.


Lauren Coulman - Designing Social Change Requires Humanity

When designing social change, the personal, systemic and cultural context is essential in understanding how to address the root causes of social issues, build purposeful communities and fundamentally, create social impact that meets humans basic needs.

Noisy Cricket builds people-powered movements through bringing diverse voices together to create social change. Working purposefully and collectively on the root causes of social issues, founder Lauren Coulman and the team work to engineer strategic and cross-sector responses to systemic, cultural and personal challenges in our society, all with impacted people at the heart of the solutions designed.


Josephine Liang - Co-founder of DayOld and Caulibox

Josephine is a food waste and sustainability campaigner and entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder of DayOld and Caulibox, she has worked with corporations (including Unilever & Sainsbury’s), local authorities (Westminster & Camden council) and higher educational institutes (London School of Economics) as well as numerous food enterprises in cutting food waste and advising on sustainable development. Josephine was awarded a special “Women in Food” award by the Mayor of London in 2019.


Ben Young - Standard Practice

Standard Practice is a D&AD award-winning agency, devising and delivering creative projects which involve both people and place. Listed amongst creative review's top 50 creative leaders.

We believe that places work best when everybody is involved with building them.

Tom Cronk