From ecological to economical, longterm sustainability for our festival site and our business is critical.

We are a family-run festival with no full-time employees. We work tirelessly and with absolute attention to detail to create Britain’s best -most intimate- festival of fun and discovery. Everything that we do for The Good Life Experience we do with love and care.

The festival site is quite literally home to many of our team. So believe us when we say we take this seriously.


We work closely with our local waste disposal company -and kind sponsor of TGLE- ASH Waste. You’ll notice we have just one bin for every type of waste. ASH Waste have a comprehensive sorting system to ensure that every piece of rubbish taken from the site is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way. We’ve been working with these guys since the start so we trust what they do.


Single-use plastic bottles are so last year. Not using them can save a huge amount of plastic pollution, but you know that. We encourage everyone on site to bring their own refillable water bottle. This year we are working with Refill, a nationwide campaign designed for you to save money, stay hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution at source. Simply look out for the Refill symbol to find your nearest top-up point, or find us on the refill app. We'll be selling water across the site and over at Hawarden Estate Farm Shop and we can assure you is has been packaged responsibly.


Hawarden Estate Farm Shop has everything you will need from fresh bread, hot coffee, takeaway hot and cold food, local produce and a traditional butchery. Over the last year the Farm Shop team team have been making some considerable changes to reduce their carbon footprint, which, is a huge challenge for any independent business. Pop over and see all of their new initiatives including refillable oils and vinegars, a range of fillable wash products, loose fruit and veg and a variety of compostable camping essentials. Take your own containers to the deli and butchery and they'll knock 10% off the price of the product.


The Good Life Experience food vendors are a carefully selected bunch. They're here because we love what they do and because we know you will love them, too. We trust each of our food trucks to do their bit for the environment whether it's the ingredients they have sourced right down to the napkins they use.


Each year we have been incredibly lucky to have the support of our local Scout group who, just happen to be the best litter pickers - ever! We've had many comments over previous years about how clean our site it, and it's mostly down to them. Thank you.


All of the workshops across site are designed for you to learn a new skill, find a new hobby and to make something you can cherish forever. After all, it's about going back to the good life and leaning away from over-consumption. Here's some workshops to to help towards the more sustainable you;

Sew a reusable cutlery wrap with Thrifty Stitcher The perfect accessory for picnics and festivals alike. Makers' Row 2. £15


Make sure you pack your moth-eaten socks and favourite sweaters with the worn-out elbows, why? Because they've still got life in them yet! Bristol Textile Quarter will be popping-up in Makers' Row to teach you all you need to know about mending, darning and patching up old garments. Saturday + Sunday 9.30 - Midday


Go home with your own indispensable Life Jar. Rural Kind will be teaching some simple leather-working techniques to make a handsome leather sleeve to wrap around a classic Kilner jar. It can be a travel coffee mug, a soaked oats pot, a leak proof beer tankard or a camp utility jar and you can use it right away. Makers Row. £20 per per person.


Awareness of where our food comes from, goes to, and the impact it has along the way is at the forefront of all we do here at The Good Life Experience. It's what we are passionate about.

New to our line-up this year are three engaging and important discussions concerning sustainability in food, and we want you to join in. All of them take place on Saturday, starting at 10am in Speakers’ Corner.


In line with the sustainable sessions hosted by Sandor Katz and Tom Hunt, there is a overriding emphasis on sustainability surrounding food at the festival this year, our lineup has been chosen to replicate this and we are striving to spread a message about the positive impact food can have on the environment if we make the correct choices.

For our campfire cooking, feasts, and food workshops, we strive to source our ingredients as locally as possible. This not only means that we are trying to support local businesses, but also striving to make The Good Life Experience into part of a sustainable food system.

We strive to be as low waste as possible, understanding the impact that food waste can have on the environment, we will allocate special food waste bins to go into our compost, rather than into landfill. Guests will eat from biogredable containers and wooden cutlery across all of our food areas.

Tom Cronk