Found Fiction is a global artistic collective bringing together guerrilla publishing, creative engagement and storytelling workshops.

Photo by Fiona Finchett

Photo by Fiona Finchett

The idea behind #foundfiction is simple. Writers send it short stories, which it prints out, folds into envelopes marked READ ME, and leaves in public spaces for people to find. When someone stumbles upon a piece of #foundfiction, they’re invited to share their experience on social media under the hashtag #foundfiction. This moment marks a special connection between writers and readers, as you’ll see from the hundreds of #foundfiction posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Photo by Fiona Finchett

Photo by Fiona Finchett

Around 4,000 stories have been distributed across the world since 2013. Found Fiction has over 100 writers and distributors throughout the UK and Europe, and as far as the USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, South Africa and Australia. It has also published stories in Polish and French. 

Photo by Fiona Finchett

Photo by Fiona Finchett

While continuing to grow its global community, Found Fiction is working with authors, publishers and festivals to deliver creative engagement, and with schools to inspire young people to read more and write better.

The Found Fiction team will be on site at The Good Life Experience 2019, sparking creativity with two great features.

The Writing Desk


Having toured literary festivals across the UK, the Found Fiction Writing Desk will be getting a taste of the good life. Visit the desk and add a line to the story. Can you help co-write a masterpiece?

Tall Tales Tree


Write your ideas for stories, poems and songs inspired by The Good Life Experience and hang them to the Tall Tales Tree. Over the course of the festival, it will blossom into a collective expression of creativity.

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