Reasons to be cheerful
by Mark Shayler


It’s a new dawn, a new day, and I’m feeling good.

This is a fresh set of talks at TGLE. The idea is to create a set of talks so inspiring, so positive, that it sets the weekend up. This is an ”up-close and personal” approach. The plan is a talk each from 2 speakers. Then a conversation between me and the speakers, then a long Q&A. This will take 90 mins per pair. Then a break. Then we do two more speakers. Then we go again.


Friday morning. So you’ll need Thursday entry tickets to see these talks.


Inside Hawarden Castle. The former residence of four time Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone.


Natalie Lee / Steve Chapman / Joan Iyiola / Kim Shaylor / Brian Beaton / Anna Jones / Tina Malcolm / Mark Benton / Jasmin O’Hara / Salena Godden / Jim Marsden / Adah Paris



Joan Iyiola.

Joan is a brilliant actor. One of the finest in the UK. She’s best known for her performance in the Duchess of Malfi. She is electric. She is passionate about what she does and ensuring others are able to do it too. She is co-founder of Mono Box which provides cost effective, nurturing and nourishing training for actors and theatre makers. She also loves the Spice Girls.

Mark Benton.

One of Britain’s best know actors (but you probably won’t know his name). Mark grew up in the North East, went to RADA, acted in Mike Leigh’s films, stole the show in the comedy Early Doors, stars in Shakespeare and Hathaway, and a myriad of stage performances. Oh, and he also did pretty well on Strictly Come Dancing.



Steve Chapman.

Steve has never fitted in. He is in artist that gives away his work. School didn't help him at all – in fact quite the opposite. He talks about the value of being an outsider, on being different. He specialises in working in creative and counter- intuitive ways to help individuals, groups and organisations free themselves from stuck loops of common-sense where creativity, novelty and change are rather difficult. Hear a podcast with him here.

Brian Beaton.

Brian is one of the team that runs the Employment Programme at the House of St Barnabas. The House is a charity member’s club that aims to break the cycle of homelessness. He has supported and mentored people for 20 years. And they have mentored him in a funny way. He uses comedy to support people via his Humour of Sense workshop. This has now been developed into a collective. People love Brian. him. You’ll soon see why.



Kim Shaylor.

Kim is one half of Gone Rogue. Gone Rogue curates and exhibits beautiful art focused on the relationship between art, fashion, and mental well-being. The make spaces come alive.

Adah Parris.

A futurist, technology philosopher, strategic consultant and public speaker, with 20 years of experience in creating transformational change and human- centred immersive ecosystems.

She believes that we need to create cultures motivated by the truth, curiosity, activism, diversity and humility.



Natalie Lee.

Nat is better known as @stylemesunday on InstaGram. She was a style blogger and she still loves style but she realized that there was more to life than fashion. There was health, equality, body image for a start. She worked with Dove to create The Warrior Woman project. Podcast here. Natalie will be in conversation with me and Jim Marsden talking about image, projection and roots.

Anna Jones.

Anna was ahead of the curve in terms of the sh to plant-based eating. She has produced three amazing cookbooks. She is a columnist for the Guardian Weekend and such a lovely person. She cooked for her family when she was young and found herself in that process. She did the same after the birth of her child. Hear my podcast with her here.



Jim Marsden.

Jim is a photographer. One of the most talented I have worked with. He uses film. He uses observation. He uses stillness. He uses invisibility. He uses modesty. An exceptional talent. Jim will be in conversation with myself and Natalie Lee talking about image, projection and roots.

Jasmin O’Hara.

Jas uses story-telling techniques best associated with brands, fashion and films to tell the story of the World Wide Tribe, stories of hope and community.



Salena Godden.

Salena Godden is one of the UK’s foremost poets, regularly anthologised and headlining festivals nationally and internationally. Salena has written and presented several arts and music programmes – a film of her poem Titanic was aired as part of BBC poetry programme We Belong Here. A short-fiction Blue Cornflowers was shortlisted for the Guardian Short Story Prize 2016. Her essay Shade was published in 2016’s literary sensation The Good Immigrant, which won the Reader’s Choice Book Of The Year Award.

Tina Malcolm.

A conscious, creative pro; brand and marketing are her forte. Not work shy, Tina uses her personal journey to inspire those who need much needed life tools. Passionate about music, culture and sport, this woman has some hidden talents... This is now a brilliant day, jam-packed with personality, opportunity and positivity.

Fab A