This year we've raised the bar for our food workshops. Old friends and new faces will lend their expert knowledge for two hours of tuition with class sizes no larger than 30. Expect to learn how to bake, smoke, cure, taste, prepare and roast great food beside Hawarden Castle, and in the shadow of Hawarden Old Castle (yes, we really do have two castles on site). 

Elsewhere you can test your nerve with fire walking, dive into a life coaching session, sing at dawn or dusk with our choirmaster James Sills.



Coffee Roasting Masterclass with Charlie Cook.

3-5pm. Food Workshop Tent.


It’s been 30 years since Michael Allpress opened his first coffee cart in New Zealand. “This year we want to peel back the curtain and give you a hands on experience of what we’ve learnt over the years - what makes a great coffee.” You’ll take a batch of raw green coffee, from sorting, to blending to roasting - all the way through to brewing your own cup of coffee.



Mastering Vegan Meringue with Briony May.

10am-12pm. Food Workshop Tent.


After years of baking at home and cultivating her creativity and skill, Briony first came to the public’s attention as she launched onto our screens during 9 stressful weeks in the Bake Off tent on the 2018 series of The Great British Bake Off. Progressing through the competition to the semi-finals, Briony’s humour and warmth, coupled with her resilience and ingenuity saw her become a firm favourite with the audience.


Crash Course on Curing with Mike Keen.

12.30-2.30pm. Food Workshop Tent.


Mike Keen lives in the beautiful Suffolk countryside and is the owner and executive chef of Ipswich food pub The Brewery Tap and Cult Cafe on the town’s waterside. Born in Colchester but brought up in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Mike got a taste for exotic flavours and adventurous cooking at an early age. Spend an afternoon getting a crash course on curing and smoking with Mike. Mike will explain the differences between hot and cold smoking, how to dry & wet cure products and then how to rig up a makeshift smoker to muck around with at home.


Tomatoes and Courgettes with Jess & Hester.

3-5pm. Food Workshop Tent.


The importance of good, seasonal, ingredients. The workshop is based around two vegetables: tomatoes and courgettes, showing that you can make a delicious lunch using very few ingredients. On the menu will be: Bruschetta with tomato and summer herbs Bruschetta with ricotta, chilli and summer herbs Taglierini with courgettes and lemon zest.


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Morning Choir with James Sills.

7am. The Lake.


James Sills is a folk musician and singer and has dedicated much of his recent life to inspiring people to sing, whatever they believe that their ability in this area is. He is the author of Do Sing, which will be launched at The Good Life Experience 2019, and host of podcast Sing, Sing, Sing. Your ticket to this choir will include a coffee and a copy of Do Sing. Meet at The Lake.

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Bake for Good Gut Health with Happy Tummy Co.

10am-12pm. Food Workshop Tent.


Karen O'Donoghue is the founder of Happy Tummy Co. Karen’s attitude to food comes from a deep respect for the land. As the daughter of two horticulturists she prefers as little intervention as possible between the time a food is picked and the time it reaches your mouth to keep your tummy in optimum gut health. This workshop will see you ferment and bake breads for optimum good gut health.

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Healthiest Loaf in the World with Tom Herbert.

12.30-2.30pm. Food Workshop Tent.


Tom Herbert is a fifth generation baker and one half of The Fabulous Baker Brothers. He won Young Baker of the Year as soon as he left baking college and has since harboured the ambition to 'do for bread what Rick Stein has done for fish’. He’s started a baking school, published a couple of books and ‘has lots of floury tricks up his sleeve’. He is the author of Do Wild Baking. Tom says: "Let’s bake the healthiest loaf in the world (then we'll top, toast and fill this delicious loaf with things that sing of breakfast, lunch and supper)"

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Fire Walking.

2pm. 12yrs+. The Lake.


As part of our programme of new/interesting/dangerous pastimes/sports at The Good Life Experience we are excited to announce the return Fire Walking for this year. Guests will be able to learn and practice this amazing ancient, mind-boggling activity.

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Modern Russian Recipes to Entertain with Alissa Timoshkina.

3-5pm. Food Workshop Tent.


'A Gathering in a Russian kitchen: modern recipes for entertaining’. Rye crostini with dill butter, radishes and spring onion Beetroot patties with horseradish cream Courgette & Aubergine dips Russian cuisine is enveloped in myths and stereotypes of the past. Do Russians really eat caviar and drink vodka for breakfast or do they get buy on stale bread and cabbage? Join Alissa Timoshkina, author of Salt and Time, for an afternoon of authentic Russian food. Alissa’s recipes are rooted in traditional Russian dishes but are interpreted for contemporary Western kitchens. Drawing on her experience as a supper club hostess, Alissa will also share recipes ideal for entreating as well as tips on food presentation.


Evening Choir with James Sills.

7pm. Old Castle.


James Sills is a folk musician and singer and has dedicated much of his recent life to inspiring people to sing, whatever they believe that their ability in this area is. He is the author of Do Sing, which will be launched at The Good Life Experience 2019, and host of podcast Sing, Sing, Sing. Your ticket to this choir will include a drink and a copy of Do Sing. Meet at The Old Castle.



Life Coaching with Nina Grunfeld of LifeClubs.

10am. The House.


Nina Grunfeld, founder of 'LifeClubs' will be running a free one hour life coaching session for a group of 12 people on Sunday morning in Hawarden Castle.

What Do You Want for the Future? Are you stuck on what you want next in your life? Can you imagine two years ahead?

Neuroscience has proved that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour depend on 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness. What this means is that if we mainly operate through our habitual unconscious mind, without consciously checking the results we can end up ‘directing’ our lives in exactly the direction we don’t want to be going.

Life Circles is about tapping into your unconscious and using your intuition to plan your ideal future.

By drawing circles to map out the elements of your life that are most important to you, you will be able to see clearly how each of these elements is interconnected and how each affects you in different ways. This deceptively simple workshop will give you the clarity you require to create your ideal future.

So pick up a pen to transform both your unconscious and conscious thoughts into a visual reality that you can act on. Outcomes:

Gain perspective on what’s important in your life today.

See what has been left behind and what’s ahead in the future.

Create links to elements in your life and see how they are inter-connected.

Intuitively create a future you want.

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Up There The Last with Max Jones.

10am-12pm. Food Workshop Tent.


UP THERE THE LAST. Wild Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon. Join a remarkable tasting with itinerant artisan - food conservationist Max Jones as he brings a side of extremely precious fish from the last remaining artisan of exclusively wild Atlantic Salmon left in the world, Sally Barnes. With nobody to continue the tradition of smoking Wild Atlantic Salmon from Irish waters after her, Max moved from London to West Cork in Ireland, in an effort to glean as much knowledge of the dying craft as possible. Expect a tale of sustainability, integrity, nature, wild food, millennia - old fishing methods, the revelation of ancient smoke - curing craft techniques and the story of Sally, bastion of real food, swimming against the mainstream current of farmed fish and bureaucracy with as much fight as the wild fish itself.

Tasting will include a side of remarkable fish from potentially the last Wild Atlantic Salmon season we will see for many years, served on traditional soda bread, unpasteurised mountain butter and cured wild salmon bottarga (roe), all paired with loose leaf tea. Be in the knowledge that attendees will be the only ones on the planet eating that particular food!

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Plant Power for the Changing Season with Harriet Coleman.

12.30-2.30pm. Food Workshop Tent.


Harriet is a former international model now living sustainably, seasonally + hosting workshops such as this. Harriet's workshop is titled: Plant Power for the changing Season. It's a talk and workshop with Harriet the Herbalist.

Tom Cronk