For the first time at TGLE, 2019 will see talks and small workshops take place in Speakers’ Corner, Hawarden Old Castle and the Drawing Room of Hawarden Castle. Come and meet your speakers line-up:

Photo: Charlie Budd

Photo: Charlie Budd

Tom Hodgkinson

Tom Hodgkinson is a British writer, commentator, retailer and holder of strong opinions, mainly expressed via The Idler, where he is editor. His books include Business for Bohemians, How to be Free and How to be Idle.

Peter Francis

Peter Francis is the Warden of Gladstone’s Library, Britain’s only Prime Ministerial and residential library. The Library is dedicated to theology and liberalism. Peter is an expert on the life of the Library’s founder, four times Prime Minister William Gladstone.

James Sills

James Sills is a folk musician and singer and has dedicated much of his recent life to inspiring people to sing, whatever they believe that their ability in this area is. He is the author of Do Sing which will be launched at The Good Life Experience 2019. James is the host of podcast Sing, Sing, Sing.

Katie ElliotT

Katie Elliott is a writer and public speaker and the founder of Little Challenges which offers ‘ideas, inspiration and practical tools to help make the messy business of being human just a little bit easier’. She is also the host of the Adventures in Behaviour Change podcast.

Mark Shayler

Mark Shayler a visionary, public speaker, author, writer and enthusiast who runs an innovation and environmental consultancy called Ape. He is the author of Do Disrupt: Change the Status Quo. Or Become It. He will be curating a series of talks at The Good Life Experience 2019.

Hilary Gallo

Hilary Gallo is a lawyer, coach, negotiation expert, sometime jewellery designer and the author of Fear Hack and The Power of Soft. As Hilary puts it ‘my focus is on enabling people. What binds my work together is a belief in our power from within’.

Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant is a British fashion designer and director of Norton & Sons of Savile Row, E. Tautz and Community Clothing which is a ‘social enterprise with a simple mission – to make excellent quality affordable clothes for men and women, to create great jobs for skilled workers and by doing this help to restore real pride in Britain’s textile communities’. He is also a judge on television series, The Great British Sewing Bee.

David Lea-Wilson

David Lea-Wilson is co-founder of the globally renowned Welsh salt producer Halen Mon. He is the author of Do Sea Salt: The Magic of Seasoning. He knows a lot about salt and is also a champion of sustainable food production.

Karen Scofield Seal

Karen Scofield Seal is CEO and co founder of Oceanium which is a biotech company dedicated to developing seaweed based products including compostable bio-packaging. At The Good Life Experience she will be speaking with Dr Charlie Bravington, a bio-chemist based at The European Marine Science Park in Oban.

James Greenwood

James Greenwood is a vet, potter and television presenter. He studied at Bristol University and has practiced as a vet since 2007 while also appearing on BBC 2’s The Great Pottery Throwdown and the hit CBBC series ‘The Pets Factor’.

Laura Mucha

Laura Mucha is the author of Love Factually. The Science of Who, How & Why We Love which Richard Curtis says is better than his film of (roughly) the same name. She is a children’s writer, mainly of poetry and has studied psychology, philosophy and the flying trapeze as well as training as a lawyer before being hit by a car at the age of 29 and deciding on change of career.

Natalie Lee

Natalie Lee is best known as @stylemesunday on Instagram where she has just shy of 70 000 loyal followers. But there’s much more to Natalie than that. She hosts The Everything Project podcast and worked with Dove to create their world-renowned Warrior Woman Project.

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman has never fitted in. He is an artist who gives away his work. He specialises in working in creative and counter-intuitive ways to help people to free themselves ‘from the stuck loops of common sense’.

Joan Iyiola

Joan Iyiola is a British/Nigerian actress based in London. She is best known for playing the title role in The Duchess of Malfi at The RSC to huge acclaim. She is co-founder of Mono Box which provides cost effective, nourishing training for actors and theatre makers.

Kim Shaylor

Kim Shaylor is one half of Gone Rogue which curates and exhibits art focused on the relationship between art, fashion and mental well-being.

Brian Beaton

Brian Beaton is part of the team that runs the employment team at House of St Barnabas. The House is a members’ club that aims to break the cycle of homelessness. Through his Humour of Sense workshop he uses comedy to support people in difficult situations.

Anna Jones

Anna Jones is a food writer, stylist, author and pioneer. Her career started at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen apprentice pogramme and she has gone on to become hugely influential and widely respected. Her book A Modern Way to Cook was a smash hit and together with her Guardian Weekend column has redefined the way that many think about vegetarian cooking.

Tina Malcolm

Tina Malcolm is a conscious, creative and inspiring professional who uses her personal journey to inspire those that need help.

Mark Benton

Mark Benton is one of Britain’s best known actors; but you might not know his name. He has starred in Early Doors, Northern Lights, Barbara and Waterloo Road. He’s even been in Strictly Come Dancing and has hosted a day time game show.

Jasmin O’Hara

Jasmin O’Hara is a British human rights defender who works in international refugee support. She is the co-founder of the Worldwide Tribe charity where she uses story-telling techniques that are often associated with fashion and brands to connect people to her work.

Vivienne Rickman-Poole

Vivienne Rickman-Poole is a wild swimmer, artist, educator, author and film maker. If that seems like a long list, it is, because Vivienne has many strings to her bow all of which connect to her deep love of outdoor swimming and art. Watch her star in the video for Elbow’s iconic song (Real Life) Angel.

Karen O'Donoghue

Karen O'Donoghue is the founder of Happy Tummy Co. Karen’s attitude to food comes from a deep respect for the land as the daughter of two horticulturists and she prefers as little intervention as possible between the time a food is picked to the time it reaches your mouth in keeping your tummy in optimum gut health.

Blanche Girouard

Blanche Girouard is a teacher, writer and broadcaster with a long association with The Good Life Experience. In 2019 she is curating a series of talks on the theme of How To….

Clover Stroud

Clover Stroud is a writer and journalist. Her work regularly appears in the Times and Telegraph. Her book The Wild Other: A Memoir of Lover, Adventure and How to be Brave was shortlisted for The Wainwright Prize in 2016.

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is Professor of Modern Literary Theory at Goldsmiths and a psychoanalyst in private practice. He is an author of several books and a journalist who writes on modern literature, cultural theory and psychoanalysis.

Nina Grunfeld

Nina Grunfeld is a writer, journalist, public speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Life Clubs, a workshop-based system for self-development. Her best-known book is, perhaps, The Big Book of Me which lead to her Daily Telegraph column Get A Life.

Charlie Gladstone

Charlie Gladstone is an entrepreneur, author and land owner. He has founded or co-founded The Good Life Experience, Pedlars, Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages, The Glynne Arms and Hawarden Estate Farm Shop. He hosts The Mavericks Podcast and co-wrote The Family Guide to the Great Outdoors with his wife Caroline.

Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews is a broadcaster, festival founder, author and musician. She hosts a much loved radio show on BBC Radio 6 where she champions endless interesting music and a weekly blues show in Radio 2. Her books include Hook, Line and Singer. She co-founded The Good Life Experience and has been made an MBE.

Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt is an award-winning chef, food writer and climate change activist. He is an idealistic eco-chef and author of The Natural Cook: Eating the Seasons from Root to Fruit. Tom’s work focuses on food sustainability without compromising on creativity and taste.

Lia Leendertz

Lia Leendertz is a writer and journalist whose work regularly appears in The Guardian and Telegraph as well as Gardens Illustrated. Her books include My Tiny Veg Plot, The Twilight Garden and The Half Hour Allotment. Her new series of almanacs A Seasonal Guide… aim reinvent the rural almanac.

Dr Freddie Baveystock

Dr Freddie Baveystock will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. His professional career started at Oxford University where he taught American Literature. He then spent many years working in branding for some of Europe’s top agencies before making a radical shift in career and training as a state school teacher.

Louise Edwards

Louise Edwards will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. She is passionate about making the world a better place and so -in her spare time- she founded RAVEN (Refugee And Volunteer Empowerment Network). Her vision is ‘a world where refugees are treated with dignity’.

Jane Lindsey

Jane Lindsey will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. From her home and workshops near Loch Lomond in Scotland Jane runs a thriving online business that -like all interesting small businesses- twists and turns as her life does. Jane suffers from Addisons Disease and this has informed her lifestyle and her business.

Sidonie Warren

Sidonie Warren will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. Sid moved her design studio to Bristol in 2013 but struggled to find a suitable office. A beautiful retail space was available in Clifton though and so Sid decided to run a design agency and a shop. Now Sid has a design agency and a chain of five Papersmiths shops selling beautiful stationery and magazines.

Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. When Hunter moved production for its famed wellingtons from Scotland, Michael Nicholson decided to launch a mission to get wellies made in Scotland again. He hasn’t yet succeeded in all of his mission; but he is making wellies.

Catrina Davies

Catrina Davies will be talking as part of our My Story: How I Made Change Work series. Catrina is the author of Homesick; Why I Live in a Shed. The book is a memoir of a personal housing crisis and the radical solution that Catrina found.

Rob Doyle

Rob Doyle’s first novel Here Are The Young Men was published by Bloomsbury and selected as a book of the year by The Sunday Times and Irish Times. It was also selected as one of Hot Press’s ’20 Greatest Irish Novels Since 1916’. As if that wasn’t enough he is an essayist and actor who appeared in the 2017 feature film Hit the North.

Nicole Flattery

Nicole Flattery’s collection of short stories -published by Bloomsbury after a fierce bidding war- was Show Them A Good Time and was described by The Guardian as ‘an addictive mix of deadpan drollery and candour’.

Julie Anna Douglas

Julie Anna Douglas is a writer and children’s poet and is the author of A Treasure Chest of Story Telling Inspiration. Her aim is to help children unlock their imagination and create their own amazing stories and adventures.


Tickets to The Good Life Experience are on sale now! You can head to TGLE for two or three nights of The Good Life. Or you can head here for the day and night of Saturday. Camp or stay off-site, book a glamping pitch or bring the campervan. The choice is yours.

At the heart of it all there are two simple aims; to create something truly unique and to do things really, really well.

Head to Hawarden this September 12-15th and become a guardian of the good times.

Tom Cronk