We’ve spent years searching out the best creatives and artisans, to bring them to The Good Life Experience. Craft is a source of creativity, solace and comfort to many and this year our craft programme is better than ever before. Take a wander down Makers’ Row to create print pieces, transform old garments, whittle your own camping tools, distil botanicals from foraged ingredients and much more…


Peris & Corr

Well-known for their contemporary interpretations of traditional Welsh patterns, printing duo Dyfrig and Jen, aka Peris and Corr, are bringing some of their handprinted textiles and interiors to our workshop schedule this year.


Lisa and Andrew set-up their not-for-profit studio Ffowndri after years of collecting and restoring old and disused printing press machines. Now, housed on an industrial estate just a few miles away from our home on the Hawarden Estate, they run a number of successful courses with a focus on reviving the most traditional forms of printing.

Ffowndri will be offering a range of letterpress, calligraphy and bookbinding workshops at The Good Life.

Gail Bryson

A true friend of The Good Life Experience, Gail Bryson is returning with her colourful screen prints. Print new garments from Gail’s pop-up studio or bring along your own to customise.

Workshops range from £5 to £15.

Callie Jones

A Cornish illustrator, printmaker and digital artist, Callie creates fun and colourful prints using lino – yes, the same stuff used for kitchen floors. Callie will teach you how to carve a relief print into lino, which you will roll with paint and print to paper. Sounds easy, right? This requires a steady hand and concentration, perhaps before the mid-morning tipple.


We are excited to welcome the Bristol Textile Quarter to Makers’ Row this year. BTQ run a co-working studio space in the city and have formed a collective of creatives with a focus on all-things-textiles.

MeetMakeMend will pop-up on Saturday and Sunday morning in a comfy corner of Makers’ Row 2. So, bring along a loved item of clothing that needs a mend; a snag, a moth-eaten hole, a torn seam, a scuff or tear and the team will help you bring your old garments back to life. BTQ will provide the mending materials, inspiration and techniques - if needed - and most importantly, a relaxed space to take a moment away from the hustle. Oh and there’ll be tea and cake, too.

Saturday drop-in: general mending. Sunday drop-in: darning.

No previous experience necessary. For all ages.

3.For the Green-Fingered

We have two brand new makers to excite the green-fingered amongst us.

Fierce Blooms

Kathryn grows beautiful British flowers in her garden just over the border in Cheshire. She’ll be bringing a selection of homegrown, freshly picked foliage to The Good Life and running workshops in flower arranging and floral crown making.

London Terrariums

Emma and the London Terrariums team will be up-rooting their South East London studio (excuse the pun!) and relocating to the Hawarden Estate for a weekend full of making and learning about these mini ecosystems. Pick your plants and add moss to create your own jam jar terrarium. Then take your own miniature garden home and watch it grow over the next months and years!


4.Many Hands Make Light Work

The Good Life is all about teamwork, so we’re very excited to invite Stitch-School and their amazing Supper Cloth to Makers’ Row 2 this year. Stitch-School was co-founded by Aimee and Melanie in South London to provide professional and inspirational guidance to reconnect to the benefits of embroidery.

Stitch-School are calling for Good Life guests to roll up their sleeves and work on our communal embroidery table, aka The Supper Cloth, with an exclusive design by Tom Frost especially for The Good Life. There’ll be tools, materials and guidance for all to do their bits and you know what they say; many hands make light work!

Free for all. Drop-in.

5.For The Practical Campers

James ‘Dwrgi’ Davies and David White are combining their green woodworking skills and will be gathering around the campfire to help you to whittle your own campfire stool and tools.

Both experts in their craft, James and David will be offering workshops throughout the weekend exploring different green woods, tools and techniques. All being hand or human-powered.

Follow your nose to the pine needle tea simmering slowly over the campfire.

Tom Cronk