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Our aim at The Good Life Experience is to create a really interesting, beautiful and engaging space that will open during the festival hours and filled with a friendly gang of traders selling interesting things to our interested customers. Both our General and Adventure Market Places are located close to the centre of the festival site, housed in a Victorian canvas marquee, and full of our favourite brands.


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The Level Collective create outdoor supplies for balanced living – for the commute and wilderness pursuit. Their beautiful waxed organic cotton backpacks are handmade in the UK along with their tools and accessories from hats to hatchets. They also have a lovely collection of unisex organic t-shirts and sweaters featuring designs inspired by their love for mountains, waves and forests – all ethically made and hand screen printed in Sheffield using environmentally-friendly water-based inks.

Be sure to head over to the Adventure Market Place to say hello to Mark and the team.



Toucan Tango is a print duo (trio if you count Pip the dog) based on Merseyside. They print in their home studio and produce screenprinted gifts to make you smile.

Expect a range of art prints and gig posters. As well as everything from pin badges, coasters and pillows.

They only print on 100% recycled card and have started to explore making thier own paints from organic materials like coffee.



Our sister business Pedlars sells a range of amazing homewares, stationery and gifts, while also managing to bring in vintage from all over the world. They focus mainly on products with stories to tell, and always a dose of fun.



Goodwash is not just a name. It’s a philosophy. “We believe in luxury experiences that are good for you and your soul.”

Feel Good - Goodwash products are sourced from only the very finest natural ingredients from our land and sea. These cruelty free products boast an abundance of natural health benefits that will leave your hair, body and soul feeling totally replenished, even the woof wash will leave the significant animal in your life smelling ‘totally lysh’ and all ready for cwtches.

Do Good - GWC are a Welsh social enterprise giving 100% of profits to local projects that improve the lives of animals and people



MABLI Knits was launched in 2016 with a vintage-inspired selection of Merino Wool clothing and blankets, with styles suitable from birth to 6 years. With a versatile fit and a slow-fashion aesthetic, their Childrenswear is designed for longevity; fitting your little ones for as long as possible, to treasure and hand down the generations.



Everything Good Game do is by hand, like true artisans. They have a range that they cure using only salt and natural Exe and Clyst Valley air. “We do it the traditional old fashioned way. Like true Artisans in the correct sense of the word.”



Currently, most of the UK’s mass-produced dog food is made up of a hodgepodge of waste products, mystery fillers and preservatives that ensure a shelf life longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This has led to millions of dogs in millions of households suffering due to their poor diet.

“We wanted to help change that - working alongside vet nutritionists, we created four different meals that contain just the right mix of top-notch ingredients. Our mission’s far from over, but we’re making great progress. Fussy eaters are gobbling down meals and dogs with regularly upset stomachs are showing, shall we say, a solid improvement.”

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inland sea

Unbeknown to him, Adam was born an ‘inlander’… Getting plonked in a car most weekends and holidays to go and spend sunshine and windy rain soaked days in a caravan by the sea in Wales. The sea became an instant passion and obsession, a place of refuge, a place of joy and a place of fear. In the days way before surf schools and internet surf forecasts Adam along with his brother and gang of buddies taught themselves to surf. With no real surf scene or influence it became a very organic and natural process, one that would be engrained in them forever…

Fast forward 20 years and the Inland Sea is born… an ethical, creative, adventure clothes brand which has its roots in the city, ocean and mountains. Adam and his buddies formed Inland Sea to showcase their creative talents, raise awareness of environmental issues and as an excuse to go on big adventures as much as they possibly could in the hope to promote the brand and ethical ways.

Born in the city, thrown in the sea…

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pop up pots

Sarah is an art teacher and potter teaching and facilitating making a pots on a bike powered or electric pottery wheel. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Get connected to nature and make your own olive bowl or other vase/ bowl shape. Create you bowl while your friend/family member powers the wheel via peddle power.

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Netherton Foundry is a family owned business located in South Shropshire. The 18th Century's "Silicon Valley". Today the heavy iron and coal industries are all but a distant memory and, for the most part, this corner of rural England has returned to a much quieter way of life.

“At Netherton Foundry, we have been inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries' Shropshire Iron masters, especially Abraham Darby. He was the creator of the world's first iron bridge. We wish to look again at the values that inspired this amazing period of creativity and energy. However, we also wish to learn from their mistakes and avoid the misuse of this beautiful county. 

Our mission is to build products with provenance.”





With 30+ years experience as a musician, Rob believes instruments are made to be played and his creations can be seen in the hands of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

Rob ukulele luthier specialising in reclaimed, indigenous and sustainable timbers.

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One of very few artisan nut butter brands who make all products themselves, in our their production space, here in Britain.

“This enables us to experiment, be creative and bring you new and interesting flavours when you want them. More importantly it means that every single ingredient we use has to pass our own stringent quality checks before it reaches the products that we put our name to. We roast all of our nuts and seeds ourselves, to ensure that the quality and freshness is preserved. By continuing to produce our nut butters ourselves we can promise they will always be authentic, completely unique to us and have minimal environmental impact, a premise which has always been at the heart of what we do.”

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Spry Workwear is a new womenswear label with an emphasis on hardwearing, hard-working clothes for stylish modern women. Their aim is to celebrate the grafting, crafting, stylish, creative woman, wherever you are. 

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Yarmouth Stores Ltd has designed and manufactured quality workwear garments to the highest standards in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain for over 100 years. Their traditional workwear garments, originally designed for practical use in the workplace, are being re-imagined for the 21st century.

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Leigh Montague has always been fascinated by clothing and textiles, and their impact and message within society. Due to her father and grandfather’s history in the R.A.F, she has always been surrounded by uniform, and this has influenced her hugely. She designs traditional workwear for children, and believes they should be free to Play, Work, Create, and Discover. We completely agree with her on this, and can’t wait to have her join our gang in the Market Place.



Handmade ceramics that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Katie says “My primary product is Air plant jellyfish, my stall will be bejeweled with these wonderful tentacle creatures. I will be catering for the plant life obsessed and those with an affection for handmade functional art.”

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B E G U M is a platform for sharing a hybrid of Asian and European design. Primarily through sourcing and reusing otherwise discarded fabrics, B E G U M has ethically re-imagined and up-cycled flamboyant shalwar-kameez and ornate saris. The re-invention of these South-Asian textiles is exhibited in this debut collection, composed of Japanese style Kimonos and Afghani inspired Kaftans. We give a new lease of life to otherwise abandoned fabrics. A range of authentic earthenware bowls, both glazed and unglazed, are also offered by B E G U M. These items are still made using traditional methods with simple moulds, finished individually by hand. All of the pots were personally sourced from ceramists living in the Punjab and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan.



Moorswood Field Rugs are more than just picnic blankets. Yes, they can be used for picnics but were designed on the Moors and wooded valleys of lowland Dartmoor and have a purpose to be used in many situations whilst out and about. Their products carry the beauty of our outdoor wild places in their make up and deserve to be used, loved and cherished. Memories of your adventures, be it big hikes across the hills or small family park outings, will be bound up in their use.



This one is unmissable, especially if you have a passing interest in languages, history, script writing and performing arts and theatre. Acclaimed Welsh actress Manon Prysor will lead you through the playing fields of CYMRAEG as she specialises in learning through theatre. Her film, theatre and TV credits include ‘Hedd Wyn’, ‘Pobol y Cwm’, ‘Rownd & Rownd’, Craith 2/Hidden 2 and Cimera Circus Company.

You’ll be in expert hands: Manon was Performing Arts Lecturer at Trinity College 1996-1999 and is currently Welsh tutor with Bangor University, Anglesey Youth Theatre and Lead Creative in schools in Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conway. Add working alongside CADW (WALES’ official HISTORY department) to boot.


ethos magazine

Ethos is a magazine for and about people who embrace new and innovative ways of doing business. “We cover stories about the most progressive business leaders, their teams, character and ideas to give you a unique insight into how they’re changing how business is done.”


bathing beauty

Bathing Beauty is a multi award winning, affordable and effective bath and body care range. Every product is mindfully manufactured at The Source, a collection of 15th Century agricultural buildings. All products are registered with the Vegan or Vegetarian Society, and are Cruelty Free. Palm Oil Free.

Created for the Eco Conscious Customer. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin

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Unique and vibrant handmade luxury textiles in cashmere, wool and leather.

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Cara and Rich set up Seapig in 2017 with a desire to leave the rat race and set up a company focused on promoting upcycled, recycled and environmentally ethical products. “We currently make and sell handmade jewellery using glass we forage from the beaches around Anglesey; we sell directly at events, online through our webshop, and through various stockists including The National Trust.”

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“In the House of Flint, we slowly craft our sustainable, versatile clothing in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.” Each piece is designed with function in mind, creating timeless garments to be worn through every season.


trilby pheasant

Where city and country come together, work together and create a new way. Based just a few hundreds metres from The Good Life site in Hawarden Village, owner Claire has created a vibrant, beautifully curated boutique which she’ll be bringing to TGLE 2019.


Michael May Knives

Michael May never wanted to be a knife maker. After leaving music college he ended up working in cutlery factory, as was the family tradition. After working in various departments he ended up in the pen and pocket workshop where he remained for three years before leaving to study history at university. Two degrees later he was back making knives. Under Keith Moorby, Michael learned how to make knives to the highest standard, and it was then he realised that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Over the years, more and more people would ask Michael to make a knife for them as they were impressed at the high level of craftsmanship. He found a workshop at the historic Portland Works, where Harry Brearley developed stainless steel for the use of cutlery over 100 years ago. When it was time for respected knife maker and well know Sheffield character Trevor Ablett retired, Michael bought all his tools, continuing his work and following his traditional patterns that Sheffield is famous for. Each knife Michael makes is crafted to the highest standard, and can quite literally be made with his blood, sweat, and tears. Since learning his trade, Michael feels a responsibility to continue with the skills and crafts that made Sheffield famous.

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O'Donnell Moonshine

Almost a hundred years ago in the United States the 18th amendment was passed banning the production, sale and distribution of alcohol. The clandestine era of distilling by moonlight had begun. Farmers quickly began to produce Moonshine in their back yards to meet the demand of the smugglers and bootleggers who took great risk in moving the moonshine by night. They bottled in Mason jars so at not to raise suspicion from the authorities who were quickly hot on their trail. O’Donnell Moonshine aims to bring the spirit and taste of those times back to the 21st century.

“Our moonshine is made using traditional methods, the best available ingredients and bottled in those same traditional American “Mason Jars”.”

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Designer, maker, jeweller. Beci makes wonderful, fun, pieces from her base in Leigh-on-Sea. Colour is never far away. This will bring a smile to your face.