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What you've said about The Good Life Experience


A bucolic bacchanal of a festival, a festive frolic of a festival, a riotous romp of a festival, hospitable and joyous.




A romantic, evocative, timeless festival, it envelops you like a warm fuzzy hug.




…Like nothing else in UK!




…A wonderful festival

Max Richter



Ridiculously pretty setting for a festival ...Can't believe this idyll is only 2 hours from London. 




If Willy Wonka had married Liv Tyler and they had run away with the Circus, then after a lifetime of beauty, craziness and brilliance they had gathered all their loved ones and dogs and children for a celebration of life with luscious food, the smell of perfume and wood smoke, and linked arms for and almighty hoedown, then it’d pale in comparison to The Good Life Experience.

Tom Herbert



We can’t imagine a better way to have ended the summer.

Caught by the River



A festival with a meaning and a purpose: It has soul...

Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler



Best festival I've ever done.




Brilliant festival.

Mark Shayler (Do Lectures)



None compare to the unique charms of The Good Life Experience .. 




 The life we hanker for, made possible once a year in the golden village of Hawarden.

wales arts review



This isn't a music festival or a food festival, its a people festival and thats what makes it so unique.

The All Night Listening Post



Picture a laid back, great outdoors experience, with workshops, cooking lessons, pumpkin carving, street food, great music, vintage fair and so much more..

Love Luella & Life



Offered inspiration, relaxation and education alongside a superb selection of music and activities under brilliant skies and a harvest moon…

Shadow of a Dream



It was a really special festival [and we've been to quite a few]

Shepherds Ice Cream



A stunning location, a castle, a lake, beautiful bell tents...

Ali Clifford



Genuinely had one of the best weekends of my entire life... 

Tom Kidd



I was in my element! .. comedy, beer, gin, talks by explorers, raucous music, abseiling, a 1930s fairground, poetry, literature,axe throwing, endless How To…talks..wonderful




It was one of the best weekends of my life.

The Salted Tail Blog



A huge triumph.. set on a beautiful estate..Our current favourite small festival.  We can’t wait to join them again next year!

Potty Adventures



Highlights? Ben Fogle, Jeremy Vine and the.. Swing Patrol dance class… now I’ve got the bug!!!

Alison Dodd



It was magic. We made memories to last a lifetime. A highlight for my boys was getting to pluck a pigeon and skin a rabbit. Your butchers rock! 




Thoughts of last weekend are warming my heart today.

Rebecca Hartas



The Good Life Experience lived up to its name; I've been so inspired by the many creatives - musicians, makers, orators and curators. Can't decide whether to become a potter, a tanner or a master axe-thrower now...




Your kids will be in a different world .. away from everyday gadgets.. rolling down hills, climbing trees...

Nenad Obradovic, Photographer



It’s a small but perfectly-formed festival; eclectic, joyful, big-hearted..

Decorator's Notebook



Highlights? Happening upon an outdoor poetry reading to a string quartet by Mike Garry,  and Cerys Matthews, her talk was grounded, inspiring and uplifting.’


Rachel Kay, Photographer



Fairy lights, the smell of charred wood in the air, oh the simple life!


Ruby of Salt + Sand Blog



What can be more enjoyable than sleeping under the stars, chatting with friends over crochet, listening to chilled music and a homemade scotch egg? Nothing! That's the Good Life, my friends. 

Seven Hills W.I.



Still reeling from a stunningly good weekend ..




If you fancy walking around with a great big smile on your face all wkend....make sure you're at the incredible Good Life Experience next year! 




Almost all the activities on offer were you could try your hand at axe throwing, archery or wood whittling as many times as you liked without breaking the bank. The same went for the vintage fairground rides.

Decorator's Notebook



What a fabulous time!  I hope it becomes a tradition to say farewell to summer at The Good Life Experience… 

Xanthe Berkeley



The two year old cried when we finally took the tent down, and I understood why: it was the end of a wonderful festival..




.. 'here's your menu of entertainment, do what you wish' type of ambiance ... We're sure to be returning next year.




I feel truly inspired.. and have never been more excited about being  part of a new (r)evolution...

Alfies Studio



When great minds collide, great ideas are hell of a weekend.

Arran Cross



A festival for the whole family, even your dog. The friendliest festival we’ve ever attended.




At bedtime our kids kept saying thank you.

Christian Payne



Imagine a place so magical the stars would be jealous...

Ffrenchie's Fancies



So refreshing to spend a weekend surrounded by kids who didn't have their faces lit up by ipad screens. 




In the words of my eldest, "it's the best place on Earth". 

Luella at Igers Wales



My first festival…at 50, it’s never too late... the perfect introduction to festival-going..

Ashfield Images Photography



A little bit of magic ..we all jived til our toes tingled -in the most enchanting village in Wales ..

Harry Eastwood



...a gathering of like minded people, with a party atmosphere which was both relaxing as it was exciting...

Jenny at A Crafty Hen



The Good Life Experience.. good for the soul.

Tales of a Greenwood



A lesson in humanity and soaking in life with every ounce of your being.

Nicole at Alfie's Studio



We lit fires, sampled and ate fabulous food, watched amazing demonstrations..

Nina Nixon



We threw axes, practiced archery, got a beard trim by Mr Natty, drank beer .. This was the first Good Life and we can't wait for next year.

The Fix For Men



See u next year @TheGoodLifeExp what a quality little festival! Big up the Welsh massive!!

CC Smugglers



The spirit that pervaded the whole event was amazing, start to finish!!

Steve T



This felt like a private party thrown by some fantastically creative and inspirational friends that I was privileged enough to be invited to.

Elizabeth at Margot & Barbara



The non commercial feel of the day was lovely, the food  reasonably priced. The beer was good, what's not to like!

Jamie E



How many festivals can you think of where you can spend the morning throwing axes..get a dapper cut from one of London’s best barbers .. then have an evening of dancing to Balkan music or sitting by the bonfire?

The Oil Rag



Highlights: speeding down the HUGE wooden helter skelter and swing chair carousel, the location, eating pizzas from the wood fired oven..listening to Georgia Ruth.

Emma Bradshaw a private party but way better than you could ever put on yourself.

Beach Hut Cook



I was nervous about bringing our 4 children to their first festival but they loved it..the free rides were like a dream come true for them!

Charlotte F



It was a day of craft beer, rabbit stew, woodsmoke, guitar-plucking and hobbit-haired alpacas.

Ernest Journal



Generosity and friendliness were immediately apparent and a sense of camaraderie that you don't often find. 

Trish MacCurrach



The kids loved it.. free rides, axe throwing, archery, bushcraft (children lighting fires! my eldest was in heaven), campfire circles with marshmallows as big as my palm!

Lottie Blue


A weekend of discovery + adventure, music, food, books + the great outdoors