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Dogs will take centre stage at The Good Life Experience 2019.


Vet. Potter. Judge.

James Greenwood returns to TGLE!


Vet, potter and CBBC host James Greenwood will preside over a dedicated arena that will host all manner of relaxed competitions including shaggiest dog, worst behaved dog and best dressed hound. James will also be able to offer advice on any health issues your hound might have.

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Britain’s first dog diving competition


And for those dogs that enjoy wild swimming, the lake will be the venue for Britain’s first dog diving competition (belly flops are quite acceptable). Treats and rosettes will be offered to all high performing dogs.
We’ve approached Tom Daley to judge this but we aren’t holding our breath waiting for a reply…


Animal Communication


Shayne Newlyn runs We Are All One, an animal communication practice. You will learn to listen, connect, understand and resolve what animals are wanting to express during a handful of small sessions on Saturday and Sunday at TGLE.

There will be a briefing on how animal communication actually works, the science behind it and how we are all hard wired to do this. You will be will be guided into a a space of deep receptivity through slowing down the mind and letting go of distractions. It's like tuning into the right radio station to listen to your favourite programme. This tuning in, is actually a brain frequency that we are not 'normally' in during our daily lives. However, with practice, one learns to drop into this frequency that is sometimes called the Theta Brain Wave. You will experience this in this workshop and be taught how to access this level so that you can use this in your future communications with animals.


All happy hounds welcome


And if your hound prefers to kick back and simply roll around and sniff other dogs, then that’s fine too. There will be water points and dog snacks widely available and lots of friendly faces to say ‘hello’ to.

Dogs are our welcome guests. 

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dog SHOW

Online applications for the Shelter Cymru x TGLE Dog Show 2019 are now closed. You can still enter your handsome hound by going to the Shelter Cymru tent. All proceeds go to Shelter Cymru, our suggested donation -payable on the day - is £5 per dog per category.